Happy Valentine's Day

What does a vegetarian get her carnivore husband for Valentine's Day?

Heart shaped meat of course!
                                 I saw this jerky and couldn't pass it up - though that's not something
                                                     I would typically encourage him to eat!!!

The next two weeks are going to be super busy here for miss Cheeky Green, so I'm going to try to get in a quick "holiday" post. 

I'm still working on a scarf order, in shades of blue, for delivery this week...not knowing exactly what she'd like, thought I'd make several for her to choose from (because after all, it's just time, right?)- this is the latest:

You can't see in the pictures but there is actually a silver yarn draped throughout which gives this scarf a touch of bling - 'cuz every gall needs a touch of bling.

I took a time-out from the "blues" and did a silvery purple scarf just for fun - well, hopefully not just for fun, for sale!

 I laid the silver embellished yarn out in rows and left some hanging from the ends to form a fringe....the pictures don't show the sheen of the silk or the embellishments...it's really much prettier in person - sigh.....

I discovered a new favorite "felting" tool:
My flat iron!!!

While I already knew the wonders this tool could work on my unruly mop, I didn't realize what a dream it would be for folding over the edges of the silk.  Why do I want to fold over the edges you ask?  Because it's either that or hem them...and hemming silk is, well, let's just say, I'd rather have my wisdom teeth pulled with no meds. 

Well, another scarf awaits me.  Until we meet again....


Chronicles of Blizzard 2011

I know "blizzard 2011" sounds dramatic, but that's what the local tv station called the last 2 days and I thought I'd go with it; OK - no "A" for creativity on my part but you get the point.

Anytime the forecast calls for a blizzard one must stock up on food, in my case, vegetables....

I didn't know how long this storm would last, but we were going to have enough vegetable stock to get us through until spring if needed. I had 3 huge pots simmering on the stove.
                  (I know it looks bad, but boy did it smell yummy! And it tasted pretty good too.)

Once I was certain starvation wasn't in our future I could move on to more important things: felting!  I received my new ball sprinkler in the mail yesterday and was dying it give it a try.

This gadget is actually made for watering bonsai trees, but is a felter's dream for wetting down your projects - and I just happened to have one underway when it arrived.  I had already laid out a length (actually 2 table lengths) of a hand-dyed blue silk in order to make a nuno-felted scarf.
The scarf shrinks about 40% during the felting process, so in order to get a scarf that you can actually tie around your neck you have to start big - real big!  This is about 115" long.

I then laid out some decorative yarn:
Then some silk hankies for some sheen and added texture:

I just realized I took no pictures of the scarf once the wool was laid out, but trust me, I did it.

And then the work, ah, fun begins! Rolling, rolling and more rolling.  (there are no pics of this because  A:  I looked horrible and B: I couldn't take a picture of myself!)  Once you've rolled until your arms are shaking from exhaustion - you throw, throw, throw.  But that part is actually kind of fun as you can really get your aggressions out.

In the middle of the 800+ rolls it takes to get this done I began to feel guilty about Dave out shoveling the drive by himself.

The snow wasn't quite as deep at the garage door as in the middle of the drive, but you get the picture of how much snow there was.  So, donning my shoveling gear, I joined him.

                                                    Who is that masked man woman?

After shoveling one path from the parking area almost to the road, I'd had enough, was thoroughly sure I no longer wanted to live in Michigan, and came back in to finish the scarf.

 It is still drying but here it is laid out on the same tables.
See how it barely crosses over to table two?  To refresh your memory (I'm assuming yours is like mine and you have forgotten already how long the original was) here's the silk before felting:
All the way to the end of table two.  I haven't taken a final measurement yet because it will probably shrink a bit more before it's fully dry.  Then I can see just how much shrinkage there was.  I can also get some better pictures then, it's amazing how much the color (especially the silk) changes - it makes for a much prettier scarf.

Well that, boys and girls, is how I spent my Blizzard 2011.  How did you spend yours?


I Know, I Know...

No excuses...I'm just not good with routine, and sitting down each day, or each couple of days, and blogging is routine...something I need to work on.  It's a good thing I don't need any daily drugs to survive, because I'd be gone in a month.

I've done quite a lot since we last spoke...the biggest being a dream trip to Ireland:

And, as if going to Ireland wasn't enough, I got to meet one of my felting idols, Nicola Brown and felt in her 240 year old farmhouse - it was an experience of a lifetime!

                                                    Nicola showing one of her complex bags.

In October she came to Michigan and I was again able to felt with her, along with another felting idol Dawn Edwards in Kalamazoo.

                                    Dawn, Nicola, fellow student (forgetting name at the moment) and me
                                    showing of the complex bag I learned to make - obviously this is not at
                                    the class, but at a lecture given by Nicola afterward.

Since felting with Nicola I've been on a bit of felting frenzy.  One of the things that she taught me was inclusions - and I love them:

                                       Purse made with stone inclusion, wool nepps and mohair locks

                                                                    close-ups of inclusion

I've also been attempting a lot of nuno-felting - which is completely addicting:

I tried my hand at making a beret - I'll admit, this is version 2 - the first is now a lopsided pot-holder!

I manage to work at my job - Pages In Time - once in a while:

And I even tried my hand at pottery painting:

OK, OK....enough for one post.  I'll be back, I swear, yes, I'll be back!





I knew I had been a little negligent this summer, but didn't realize I had been this bad!  I guess I've been enjoying summer a little too much, and getting down to business too little!  Part of what's kept me away is planning a dream-trip to Ireland, on which I leave TODAY!  This is absolutely amazing to me, and can't wait to share my experience when I get back. 

While in Ireland I'm going to have the unbelievable experience of taking a felting class with fiber artist Nicola Brown - take a minute and visit her website and you will be astounded!  


Well, better get packing...we'll talk soon!


Thanks to Mother Nature...

Garage-Sale-Thursday did not happen until Friday  -and, hmmmmm...today is now Saturday & I'm just getting around to posting it- so I can't blame everything on poor Mother Nature now can I?

Oh well, blame aside, after the rain stopped I did get to do some garage-saleing....I only hit a few sales but the gettings were good!  A church sale proved to be a Cheeky Green Bonanza!  Several parishioners, or maybe just one hoarder like me, had cleaned out their sewing room(s) and their loss was definitely my gain!

 The entire days haul!  Check out the iron I got for $2 - it is WAY better than the one I have - even has a retractable cord.

Someone had donated an entire bag of upholstery trims....mmmmm - what a find....and, it even included...

a bunch of crystals from a chandelier...what fun!

and a bag of scrap trims even scored my a Hilton sewing kit...now there's the find of the day!

and of course I can't pass up linen napkins...my collection is now huge...no need for disposable icky paper napkins around here!

And after a hard days shopping I made a pit-stop at the grocery store....I think this was the deal-of-the-day there:
I thought that was too funny not to mention.

Well, off to have a glass of - uh, er...sew I mean!!!


Aren't We a Wild Group?

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have a rare Monday off and planned to meet some friends for coffee. (See Chinamommy and Chronicles of Chris in my blog list)  Now, getting 3 ladies to decide on a time and place is trial enough  (you know the drill:  Where do you want to go?  I don't care, where do you want to go?  Doesn't matter to me - you pick. No, I'm ok with anyplace, you pick.  This goes on until you think meeting for kool-aid in Guyana is the best choice, and then you still have to pick the time!) so, of course, after the plan Panera at 10:30 was set, no mention was made of what we would actually do once we met up.  So what do three 40-something year olds do when they get out...no kids, hubbies or plans?  They bring books for an impromptu book club...

Can you guess who brought which book?

"Gorgeously Green" (aka my bible), is really a no-brainer (unless of course you've never read my blog before!!) but which of us is the Happy Hooker?  

The answer:  Chinamommy (Misschell) is the Happy Hooker, and Chris planned for us to have an encaustic workshop- at my house of course. 

Aren't we a wild group?

But my friends are not just wild, they're talented:
Chris made this unbelievable sculpture of a tiny pole-dancer (there is a story behind that!) for Misschell's birthday...I wish you could see it in person....there are no words to describe her work.

And head on over to Chinamommy's Etsy shop for adorable finds like this:

And Cheeky Green has been busy stocking her Etsy store...today I added this little gem:

Lot's more to come...better get going!


Garage Sale Thursday

Remember the days garage sales were on Saturdays?  I remember my Grandma P and her sisters meeting at sunrise on Saturdays (you had to get there early to get the deals) with their newspaper in hand (are garage sales even listed in the newspaper anymore?), the HOT sales all circled in red, pockets filled with quarters and dollar bills - you never paid full price for anything, hence the need for quarters - and off they went for an exciting day of bargain hunting.  Now, you go on the internet to find the sales and then wish like heck you had a newspaper to look at because you weren't actually smart enough to write down any of the sale locations.  And sales are now on Thurs and Fri with an occasional Sat thrown in.  What do people who have real jobs (those unfortunate souls stuck in an office from 9-5 daily like I used to be) do?  I guess since they having paying jobs they don't need garage sales.  Cheeky Green, however, is not one of those people and garage sales are a pleasant necessity to keep my shelves (well hooks, closets, totes, any free space!) stocked.

Today started slowly, I almost gave up after the first 5, or so, sales; then things picked up. Perseverance does pay off!  Then, as a bonus, the sun came out and I probably walked a couple of miles...so I got my exercise and Vitamin D all while working...now that's my kind of job!!!

My first purchase of the day:

Not one, but TWO, dog leashes.  I know what you're thinking, "Isn't she a crazy cat lady?  Why dog leashes?"  Well, you may see dog leash, I see purse handles!!  You don't know what a find these were! They alone were almost worth the day's outing.  Under the leashes is a modern fun shower curtain destined to be an amazing tote bag...be sure to check back soon!

 Then I found:
Wool Sweaters..in fun colors to boot!  The one on the right is actually a pretty bright orange...not the red it appears in this pic.

And then there was:
I have actually bought this sweater before!  It made a really great Christmas stocking, so I'm thrilled that I'll get to make a second version of it.

These vintage Jell-o molds are actually for my friend Chinamommy if she wants them.  She makes the cutest cupcakes with them (see her blog link to the right).  These are large, though, so I'm not sure she'll want them, however if she doesn't I'm sure I can find something to do with them! 

That was the end of my garage sale finds (not bad for a couple of hours and about $17), but this turned out to be my lucky week!  In honor of Cinco de Mayo, the salvation army had all clothing 5 for $5 - so yesterday I got these little gems:
This will probably equate to at least one diaper/tote bag, a regular tote and some purse linings...but who knows?  There's always such a mystery involved.

And, of course, at that price, I couldn't just shop for Cheeky Green, so Kristi got these:

A couple of shirts, a couple of pairs of sweats (hey - I work at home a lot!) and a pair of jeans.  All for just $5 - and I kept to my "no new clothing" pledge!!

And a quick peruse of the housewares department scored me this:

Now, you say, why a glass apple dish?

Because, with my others , it makes this:
I actually got one of these from my grandma's house when she moved out, and have since found two at the thrift stores.  I'm trying to work my way up to an orchard!!

Well, these items aren't going to sew themselves to I'd better get off the computer and onto (well, not onto) the sewing machine!